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Monday, 29 March 2010

State controlled terror

Britain is still in a state of emergency over the threat of terrorist attacks 5 years after the tube bombings. There must be some credible threat to the nation to allow the constant scaremongering and draconian legislations which have been introduced. You could say Britain has set up a big brother state with more CCTV cameras then the rest of Europe put together and the Olympics a perfect excuse to continue the trend.
Muslim coincidentally seem to be the target of most the legislations and the paranoia built up by the scaremongering. Recent figures suggest 99 percent of terror attacks in Europe in the last 3 years have been carried out by non Muslims. This is with the background of Iraq, Afghanistan wars, the profiling of Muslims and the torture of Muslim prisoners.
The idea of 'Islamism' has been reduced to one bore out of anger resulting in the spontaneous murder of innocent victims. The political side of it has been ignored. An 'Islamist' movement starts from the grassroots levels and is instrumental at both social and political level. Examples of this include the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb Ut Tahrir and to a greater or lesser extent, the Taliban.
In the UK the government has taken over and now basically controls the religion. Much is said of state and religion being completely separate in secular societies but much of British mosques, societies, education and literature available to Muslim youth is government approved and is mostly concentrated on theology, the one thing Muslims can discuss in mosques and at university in peace. As for any other topic of discussion or any other ideologies- they are suppressed and rejected by 'mainstream' Muslims. Leading to Muslims especially the youth even more disenchanted and ' radicalized '

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