Sound without focus is just noise.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

State of the enemy

As you're reading this an overpaid intelligence officer sitting in a underground bunker which still remains from the blitz is reading this and so is his islamist translator and the bulldog on the floor who just sits around eating chum biscuits.
Hidden inside this post are hidden decoded message, which when you click on certain words with certain buttons, illuminate secret messages detailing a mass plan to attack stonehenge with a rented out transit van and some left over fireworks. By this time the lights have started changing colour to red at liberty hq and superboats are peddling their way to stonehenge to save you all from this grave threat to your liberties.
The news have already reached fleet street who somehow knew about the plan even before the decoded messages were implanted into this blog post. Their reporters are getting ready to arrive at stonehenge bemoaning the death of british culture at the hands of yet another islamic extremist influenced by abu qatadah, mullah omar and any other zionist unfriendly, beard hugging, undeportable enemy to gillette.
This is a bit far fetched but only if you've stopped encoding jihadist messages onto peadophile sites making intelligence officers and newspaper reporters susceptible to watching school children asking grown men to hit them one more time.
It is probably wrong of the government to announce plans they want to read your emails and texes in case you're thinking of joining al qudsia in playing multiplayer cod online. But it's the year of the olympics and while in person it's easier to distinguish between those who are most likely to tie their shoelaces and clumsily drop a cartridge before they're about to detonate it, it's a bit harder to do this online. We're all in the same boat of could be jihadists/ hacktivists/ tree huggers/ pigthrowers behind the screen.