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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Current issues

Israel- America and Britain have either woken up recently to the reality that Israel is a law onto itself and are no longer blinded by Jewish lobbyists in the government, media and in business or they have decided to put on a good show on for Muslims around the world. In pretty much the same fashion Obama was elected because he had a muslim middle name and he was great for personality politics and for endearing america again to a world who hated George Bush.
I fail to see how Britain was angry with Israel over the death of a Hamas member when they refuse to deal with the democratically elected party themselves.
The only solution would be to let the Jewish population move to Uganda as was the original plan before the holocaust left the Europeans feeling guilty and leave the Christian and Muslim residents to live in peace.
A more feasible option would be to let the growing number Jewish voices who are against the actions of Israel to have a bigger voice and make more films, write more articles condemning the actions of the Zionists who claim to act in the name of Judaism.

Mephedrone- banning plant food won't solve the problem. There's a million and 1 drugs out there to replace it. The real issue is that more and more people are looking for highs to escape reality. As depression becomes commercialised and more and more teenagers are convinced that they are not happy this is an inevitable consequence. Spirituality in religion has been replaced with spirituality from gaining wealth or for teenagers in getting high and getting laid.

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