Sound without focus is just noise.

Friday, 17 June 2011

'Collateral damage'

they take this to twist this to take this to tame this
they take this to throw this to taper this to top this
rented ruthless runts runnning round releasing remnants releasing related rage
returning raped relatives reminiscing of a running race revisiting ravishment
underaged and used. utilised then unseen, found underneath the urban ustreams
trapped and taken, this aint a first for the thirst , code told to all the teams
hello, get a hollow hi ,hips still lie, hitted, helpless hi's, housed for higher highs
trapped in the ruined and used taken heritages now represennting decay
fly away, she jumped out the window, she'l never get a say
truth is somewhere but the paper says she fell by accident
she was living in a happy home it says, till she met with the pavement
she fought for the truth but only the few know that, just another name
the truth is always the same, hidden and buried like this dames