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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

None of the above

Brewster's Millions (1985)starring Richard Pryor is about a man who has to spend $30m in 30 days in order to get an inheritance of $300m, he spends most of his money on an election campaign where his slogan is 'vote for none of the above'. This endears him to the public and he's on route to win until he drops out because of the money he will make as mayor.

Twenty five years later or a hundred and eight years after the first book was published i can see a modern day adaptation in Mr Nick Clegg. Nick is currently waving a ride of Cleggamania as his appearance in the first television debate has seduced him to would be voters with his main and only argument that he is none of the above. The best reference i have seen given to him is that he is the British version of Obama and basically another Tim Henman which summed him up perfectly. If you would have had Abu Hamza in that debate along with the other 2 candidates he would have won the popularity contest too. For the next debate David Cameron will try even harder to act like he's the prime minister and Gordon Brown will be even more self deprecating.

David Cameron didn't bring up his ideas for a bigger society or broken society. He's all for us governing over schools and police departments but doesn't want us to have the power to kick out shit MP's too. It was either him or the equally rich and posh Clegg who blamed druggies for most of crime but surprisingly they didnt blame materialism or the Zionist, chairman of the Conservative friend of Israel organisation, Belizean tax dodger for the current economic crisis. Nick promised to pardon the prison sentence for offenders given 6 month jail sentences and said prison was just a university for criminals, which makes a change from all the recent news article talking about the radicilisation and reversion of Muslims in prison. Maybe they should get have inmates watching election debates and house of common debates to get a better idea of how to live in a more civil way.

Which brings me to the recent poll with the results that about 40 percent of Asians say they will vote in the elections with just 26 percent off those taking part basing their results on religion. Which makes the recent and predictable campaign by imams to encourage Muslims to vote a bit strange as is the usual bullshit that its fundamentalists who are stopping Muslims from voting. The poll suggests most people just cba and the running of a campaign which insinuates its the 'nasty mullahs' who are at fault again shows the usual dirty political tricks.

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